Here’s how to achieve that inner glow like the celebrities

Here’s how to achieve that inner glow like the celebrities

The latest trend amongst celebrities is to take bare skin selfies. Most often, they are pulling off these gorgeous "no-make-up" looks that make us want to love our bare skin too. Everything that makes your skin exclusive, including its imperfections, makes you different from everyone else around you. Nothing else can make you love your skin as much as it in its natural form.

Undoubtedly, celebrities have an entire squad to make them look the way they do in public, most of the time all dolled up. Their profession requires them to be always decked up with makeup, especially when they are in the public eye. But celebrities all around the world are now breaking this norm. It is a treat to the eyes to see so many celebrities posting pictures of themselves without any makeup on. Celebrities are now not scared of posting content on social media wherein they are not pretending to be someone else. Some share a naturally glowing face post a workout, some share a post-pregnancy look, some share a sun-kissed one, and some of them share a well-moisturised one.
Celebrities are no longer conscious of flaunting their natural looks without makeup. Fresh faces are in as the celebrities are on a spree to ditch their foundation and powder.  No makeup looks are in are going viral. Celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor have taken the media and their fans by surprise by showing that celebrities are not perfect. They have beautifully embraced their imperfections. Celebrity red carpet looks have always been a thing! But what we don’t know is that a lot of work goes into making them look the way they do on the red carpet.  Instead of trying to achieve a celebrity's red-carpet look, try achieving the one in which the celebrities show their truest self in front of the camera—the one without any makeup on. There's absolutely nothing wrong with makeup. On the contrary, there is something compelling about using the right kind of makeup- the one that suits you, be it the perfect red lipstick or well done smokey eyes. But loving your true self pretty much has the same power or maybe more.

The celebrities have something in common that makes them glow the way they do. All the celebrities who dare to pull off no makeup looks are the ones who radiate from the inside out. They don't achieve this look overnight. They achieve it with consistency and determination. Along with a good skincare routine, healthy food habits, eight hours of sleep, and sufficient water intake, you can surely achieve the celebrity skin you have been longing for. But sometimes it’s not possible to wholly achieve your skincare goals even after doing all these things diligently. This is because your state of mind has a significant role to play in that. It's essential to take out time for yourself. It could mean going to the beach, socking yourself in the sun, gardening, doing yoga, or binge-watching a series on Netflix. If this is what you have wanted to do for a long time, take the time to do it! Don't procrastinate. This might be precisely what your skin needs.

Your state of mind has a significant role to play in how you look. A calm mind space makes you feel good, reflecting a glow on your face. On the other hand, if you're stressed, haven't slept well, have been consuming too much caffeine, and haven't been working out, it will show on your face. You'll probably look dull and tired. Therefore, it's vital to be happy on the outside and the inside. If you're in a good place mentally, it most certainly will show on your skin. You'll look well-rested and radiant. That glow everyone runs after doesn't only come with makeup or exercise. It can only be achieved with a whole lot of consistency and effort.

The trendiest one out of all the looks celebrities wear remains where they flaunt their nourished skin without any makeup. That's their most authentic self, and it's inspiring. Everyone reading this article would agree that a dewy-fresh look is way better than a glammed-up face full of makeup. Celebrities somehow carry that look like a boss! It's a myth that they never seem troubled by skin problems like acne, pigmentation, uneven spots on the skin, ageing, hair fall, etc. Like all other human beings, celebrities also struggle with the basic skin problems mentioned above. They just choose to take care of their skin, have access to the best-in-class skincare products and treatments, and follow their skincare regimens consistently. Consistency is the key to achieving anything. Be consistent with your skincare, and you too will indeed have the skin of your dreams, the kind your favourite celebrity has! Celebrity-like skin is possible, but you must work hard to get it.