About Pigmentation

  • What is pigmentation?

    Pigmentation refers to the colouring of the skin. Hyperpigmentation occurs when the skin produces more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour. This can make spots or patches of skin appear darker than surrounding areas. Some forms of hyperpigmentation include melasma, tanning,sun spots and pigmentation following skin injury or inflammation (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

  • What causes hyperpigmentation?

    Sun damage is the most common cause of skin pigmentation and usually affects the parts of the body that are most frequently exposed to the sun. Other causes include certain medications, hormonal therapy, pregnancy, endocrine diseases, insulin resistance, skin inflammation or trauma.

  • How can Clinikally help?

    Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition, and there are a number of different treatment options available. Clinikally's personalized treatment plans are carefully crafted by doctors with decades of experience in treating pigmentation. You can start your journey towards better skin with Clinikally's online visit right now!

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Even stubborn pigmentation is treatable provided it is addressed by a specialist!

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