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Calspor-C ointment - Clinikally Calspor-C ointment - Clinikally
Skin Ointment
Calpsor C Ointment
Calpsor C Ointment is a combination of medicines used to treat psoriasis. It offers relief from swelling, itching, and red...
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Lonitab 2.5 Tablet-clinikally Lonitab 2.5 Tablet-clinikally
Lonitab 2.5 Tablet
Lonitab 2.5 Tablet contains Minoxidil, a Vasodilator used to manage severe hypertension, characterized by elevated blood p...
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M-Laz Tablet
M-Laz Tablet is a prescription medicine that effectively stops bleeding, making it beneficial for heavy menstrual flow, su...
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