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My skin has never been this clear. So impressed by Clinikally's derma care.
Karan Mahajan

Expertise from 5 lakh patients

Dr. Anindita Sarkar15+ Years of Experience

Dr. Sarkar is a senior physician with 15+ years in the field of aesthetics and medical cosmetology. Dr. Sarkar also has keen interest in keeping up with new products, technologies, and research to consistently deliver the best in skin and hair care.

Dr. Jastinder Gill30+ Years of Experience

An exemplary dermatologist with 30+ years, Dr. Gill believes in individualized and result-driven treatments backed by sound products. She specializes in the management of PCOS manifestations including hirsutism and adult acne.

Dr. Anupama Gupta30+ Years of Experience

With 30+ years of experience in clinical & aesthetic skin care, Dr. Gupta is a pioneer in the field of anti-ageing treatments. She is known to give a holistic approach and is sought-after for treating different types pigmentation and sensitive skin.

Dr. Guneet Bedi5+ Years of Experience

As a gold medalist dermatologist with 5+ years, Dr. Bedi is a member of the Indian Association of Dermatologists (IADVL). She is known for her outstanding clinical diagnostic skills and providing a holistic approach to skin and hair care for patients.

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Answers to all your queries, along with a personalised treatment plan and digital prescription delivered straight to your inbox!

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The average dermatologist in India is booked for 2.5 months! We bring experience from 50,000+ consults straight to your home.

Answers to all your queries, along with a personalised treatment plan and digital prescription delivered straight to your inbox!


Yes, it takes just 2 minutes to schedule your online consultation on Clinikally! You can book your dermatologist consultation on Clinikally by filling out a quick form about your skin type, concerns, and a suitable time slot. Next, you will receive a consult link and our support team will reach out to you to help you join the consult hassle-free.

Yes! Clinikally has some of India's best dermatologists with vast experience. 98% of users report fast, easy, and visible results after consulting a dermatologist online on Clinikally. You can book your consult to get expert advice, tips, or treatment plans which are personalised as per your skin/hair type.

You can consult dermatologist online to skip long wait times and lines that are common at physical clinics. Also, you can consult from anywhere and from the comfort of home, which means that the best dermatologists in India are now just a couple of clicks away! It is the best and fastest way to get expert advice related to skin and hair while avoiding the hassles that come with a physical consultation.

Yes! Based on your skin or hair issues, our dermatologist will recommend you pharmaceutical-grade products along with skin or hair tips or routines to follow. You will receive these recommendations in the form of a digital prescription written by your dermatologist. Next, if you want, you can purchase the products at lowest prices on Clinikally and get free doorstep delivery along with continued support from us.

Dermatologists are licensed doctors and medical practitioners who specialise in treating skin and hair concerns such as acne, pigmentation, rosacea, hair fall (alopecia), dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, etc. You can also take a dermatologist consultation online to get effective tips or trusted skin/hair advice from a dermatologist.

Clinikally allows you to consult the best dermatologists in India with experience of 30+ years and 5+ lakh consultations - from the comfort of your home. They are highly experienced in treating various conditions related to skin & hair - such as acne, pigmentation (including melasma), rosacea, hair fall (alopecia), dandruff, etc.

You can consult dermatologists online on Clinikally at just INR 199 - from the comfort of your home. In this way, you can save the time and hassle that comes with taking a phsyical consultation.

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Based on 992 reviews
Komal Singh

I recently had an online consultation with Clinikally and I was thoroughly impressed with the level of care and expertise they provided. My skin had been damaged and plagued with acne, but the doctor listened to my concerns and developed a customized treatment plan that was specifically tailored to my needs. The doctor was knowledgeable, professional, and personable, making me feel comfortable and confident in their recommendations. I am so grateful for the positive change I have seen in my skin since following the treatment plan. I highly recommend this platform for anyone seeking top-notch dermatological care for long-term results.

Manisha Priya

Video Consult with a Skin & Hair Specialist

Great service .

Consulted for acne, scars and hair loss issues. Helpful and long-term solutions suggested by doctors 👏

Top Consult So Effective

Let’s go Clinikally - touching lives everyday ❤️❤️

Gaurav Mishra
Tried many until found Clinikally

The best thing about Clinikally’s consult is that the doctor will consider your previous product history and basically assign a treatment plan that takes into account your budgetary requirements & history with other product / oral treatment usage. Helped me greatly and my whole family does at least one consult every month!!