BeautyMap™: DNA testing for personalised skin & hair care

Skin Ageing | Acne | Hair Fall | Sun Photoactivity
BeautyMap™: DNA testing for personalised skin & hair care - Clinikally
BeautyMap™: DNA testing for personalised skin & hair care
BeautyMap™: DNA testing for personalised skin & hair care
BeautyMap™: DNA testing for personalised skin & hair care
BeautyMap™: DNA testing for personalised skin & hair care

BeautyMap™: DNA testing for personalised skin & hair care

Skin Ageing | Acne | Hair Fall | Sun Photoactivity
(8 Reviews)
(8 Reviews)
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(8 Reviews)
(8 Reviews)
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Discover BeautyMap™ - the DNA-based solution that transforms your skin & hair care routine. Get customised recommendations that cater to your unique needs and say goodbye to guesswork.

With easy-to-read reports on 40 skin & hair conditions, including ageing, hydration, elasticity, and acne, BeautyMap™ provides personalized insights. Adopt a preventive & proactive routine with a free genetic counseling session to keep your skin & hair healthy and rejuvenated.

Unlock the secrets of your DNA and achieve radiant skin & hair with BeautyMap™. Say yes to personalised recommendations & join the waitlist now!

Product Description

Your DNA holds the key to creating a personalised approach for skin & hair health.

60% of variation in the skin is due to genetics. Everyone’s skin is different, and what works for someone else might not work for you.

It takes an average of 12 weeks to find out if your current skincare routine is effective. But BeautyMap's personalised report will generate the best routine, ingredients & products for your skin & hair delivered straight to your inbox.

Your DNA holds the key to creating a personalised approach for skin & hair health.
Adopt a preventive skincare routine based on your genetics.
BeautyMap's 🧬DNA-based personalised report 📩 will be generated in fast & easy steps:

Sample collection

Kit is collected from your doorstep.

Lab processing

After QC, your genetic sequence is read.

Data analysis

Intensive analysis of your DNA sequence.

Personalised report generation

Your DNA-based report is sent on email.

Free genetic counselling

Personalised tips for your skin & hair.
  • Hair & Scalp

  • Medication

  • Skin Ageing

  • Skin Health

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BeautyMap™ provides insights about 40+ conditions relevant for skin and hair. Some of them are- Speed of collagen breakdown : Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin plump, firm and free from wrinkles. Glycation/Wrinkling : Ability of the skin to withstand glycation process which accelerates skin aging. Sun Damage & Pigmentation : Skin’s natural ability to protect against UV rays. Antioxidant Support : Skin’s natural defence against elements that cause skin damage. Skin Sensitivity : Inflammatory genes of the skin that cause sensitive skin.

Who are new to skincare and want to know how to get started. Anyone with recurring skin conditions. Anyone whose current skin-care and hair-care regime is not providing desired result. Who are interesed in beauty and skincare, and want a tailor made solution for them.

You skin is unique, and so is your DNA. By understanding your genetic profile (via BeautyMap™ report ), you can make informed decisions on the right skincare and haircare products for you. Change your diet to improve your skin health. Know which nutritional supplements are right for you. Have a personalized plan to guide you on improving your skin and hair.

Every step of the sample processing happens in India, at our own full time laboratory. We have trained personnel who are dedicated to Mapmygenome™ and its products.

We screen your genetic data for the presence of markers in your DNA - which are single letter variations - to calculate your lifestyle disease risk, predisposition to traits, drug response, etc. We have developed a robust algorithm which is used for analysis, based on genetic markers present in your DNA sample. These single letter variations are known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphism or SNPs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A doctor's take

As a professional dermatologist, BeautyMap is a revolution! It's incredibly precise, providing key insights into skin and hair conditions like never before. In fact, I worked with the team to pilot it for a while before it was commercialized. Have seen it come a long way. The comprehensive report demystifies complex DNA data, making it a game-changer in understanding ageing, hydration, and more. It's simply the future of personalized skincare! Suggesting it to many of my patients everyday,

Vineeta Singh
More than just a test

Being a busy mom with skin issues, finding the right care was tough. Then I got early access to BeautyMap through Clinikally's doctor consult. This DNA test gave me a clear picture of my skin and hair health. It showed that I was more likely to have problems with acne and skin elasticity.

But BeautyMap did more than just give me results. It gave me advice that was tailored just for me. With this, I changed my skincare routine and saw real improvements. My skin feels better, my acne is less, and I feel more confident.

BeautyMap is more than a test. It's a personal guide to better skin and hair. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to understand and improve their skin and hair health!

Helped me treat my acne

I had acne and dark spots on my skin for a long time, but nothing helped until I tried MapMyGenome's BeautyMap DNA test. I realised that my genes have more to do with my acne problem than I thought. The report has recommendations for skincare products that work best. I am following routines based on the recommendations and I am seeing results. If you have skin problems, I suggest trying BeautyMap.

Useful for my genetic hair fall

I come from a family where male pattern baldness is quite common, so I always knew that I might be at risk of losing my hair. So i want to know how likely i also might face the same fate. Thats when I decided to try BeautyMap genetic test. The test results showed that I had a high risks to male pattern baldness, which wasn't surprising given my family history. Now that I clearly know my risk, I consulted a doctor and started a routine.

Priya Chaudhary
Very scientific approach

As a physician, I was initially skeptical about the idea of a genetic test for beauty. However, after reviewing the scientific literature and the information provided by Mapmygenome about their Beautymap test, I was impressed by the potential benefits of this technology.

Beautymap uses the latest genetic sequencing technology to analyze an individual's DNA and identify specific genetic variants associated with various aspects of appearance, such as skin type, hair type, and facial features. The test provides personalized insights and recommendations that can help individuals make more informed decisions about their skincare and beauty routines.

One of the things that impressed me about Beautymap was the attention to detail in the testing process. The test is designed to be accurate and reliable, and the company provides clear explanations of the genetic variants analyzed and how they relate to different aspects of appearance.

I also appreciate that Mapmygenome takes a responsible approach to genetic testing, with clear guidelines for the use and sharing of genetic information. The company encourages individuals to discuss their results with a healthcare professional and provides resources for understanding the potential risks and benefits of genetic testing.

Overall, I believe that Beautymap has the potential to be a valuable tool for individuals interested in understanding the genetic factors that contribute to their appearance. While genetic testing should always be approached with caution, the science behind Beautymap is sound, and the insights provided by the test could help individuals make more informed decisions about their beauty routine.