Damaged & Sensitive Skin

  • What causes sensitive skin?

    Sensitive skin is usually a symptom of another condition. Contact dermatitis (a form of eczema), overly dry skin, topical steroid abuse, urticaria and rosacea are common causes of sensitive skin. Sun exposure can further worsen sensitivity. These conditions can cause a disruption in skin barrier leading to scaly, red, itchy skin with extreme intolerance to any cosmetics.

  • Can sensitive skin be treated?

    The treatment for sensitive skin is aimed at addressing the underlying condition and avoidance of any triggering factors. Barrier repair, moisturisation and sun protection are essential for treating skin sensitivity.

  • How can Clinikally help?

    There are a lot of different conditions that can cause skin sensitivity. Some require more serious and diligent treatment than others. Clinikally's personalized treatment plans are carefully crafted by doctors with decades of experience in treating sensitive skin. You can start your journey towards better skin with Clinikally's online visit right now!


In most recent studies assessing skin sensitivity, around 50% of the participants have declared themselves to have either "sensitive" or "very sensitive skin""


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