About Damaged, Frizzy Hair

  • What causes damaged and frizzy hair?

    Hair damage occurs when aggressors (friction, heat, and harsh chemical treatments) attack the protective outer layer of your hair (cuticle) leaving cracks in its exterior. Once cracked, the cuticle lifts (or opens up), causing your hair to look dull, dry, frizzy, or brittle, while also making it more prone to damage and breakage.

  • How can Clinikally help?

    Even if you've already got split ends and breaks, the right hair products can do a lot of damage-control to make it look healthier. Clinikally's personalized treatment plans are carefully crafted by doctors with decades of experience in treating damaged and frizzy hair. You can start your journey towards better hair with Clinikally's online online visit now!


Salon treatments like hair rebonding can make the hair extremely fragile and cause lasting damage due to the use of toxic chemicals.


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