Carbamide Forte Multi Collagen Complex Tablet

  • Enhances Skin
  • Strengthen Bones
  • Promotes Overall Wellness
(31 Reviews)
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Product Description
The Carbamide Forte Multi Collagen Complex Tablet is a comprehensive supplement designed to support skin, hair, nail, joint, and bone health. Enriched with a blend of several types of collagen, it helps in maintaining skin elasticity, strengthening hair and nails, and supporting joint and bone health. This powerful formula is ideal for overall wellness and anti-aging benefits, making it a suitable choice for those looking to enhance their daily health regimen.
Key Benefits
  • Enhances skin elasticity and hydration.
  • Strengthens hair and nails, supporting their health and growth.
  • Supports joint health, aiding in mobility and flexibility.
  • Contributes to bone density and strength.
  • Aids in the maintenance of a healthy gut lining.
  • Supports overall health and wellness.
How to Use
  • Take 3 tablets daily with any one meal or as directed by your docto.
  • Swallow the tablet whole with water; do not chew.
Key Ingredients
  • Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen
  • Hydrolyzed Chicken Bone Broth Collagen
  • Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen
  • Hydrolyzed Egg Shell Membrane Collagen
  • Piper Nigrum Extract

Other Information

Country of Origin
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Influx Healthtech Ltd.
Plot No. 9, 10, Genesis Industrial Township, Boisar Road, Kolgaon, Palghar, Maharashtra-401404
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Frequently Asked Questions

Carbamide Forte Multi Collagen Complex Tablet is a dietary supplement designed to provide a blend of different types of collagen, which are essential for supporting skin, hair, nail, joint, and bone health.
Carbamide Forte Multi Collagen Complex Tablet helps in maintaining skin elasticity, hydration, and can reduce the signs of aging by providing the necessary collagen types that diminish with age.
Yes, the collagen types in Carbamide Forte Multi Collagen Complex Tablet are known to support joint health, enhancing mobility and reducing discomfort associated with joint issues.
Absolutely. It strengthens hair and nails, supporting their growth and health, thanks to the specific collagen types and nutrients targeted for these areas.
It's generally well-tolerated, but some individuals may experience mild digestive issues. It's important to adhere to recommended dosages and consult a healthcare professional for any concerns.
While typically safe, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before combining it with other medications to ensure there are no interactions.
Results vary, but some individuals may notice improvements in skin, hair, and nail health, as well as joint comfort, within a few weeks to months of consistent use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Sneha Gupta
Youthful glow

Since incorporating this multi collagen complex into my routine Ive noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. My skin looks and feels rejuvenated.

Priya Sharma
Joint pain reduced

Carbamide Fortes collagen complex has become an essential part of my daily routine. Its helped me maintain youthful-looking skin and strong healthy nails.

Aryan Singh
Highly recommend

Ive tried other collagen supplements in the past but this one stands out. Its gentle on the stomach and has improved my overall skin tone and texture.

Neha Khatri
Essential supplement

This collagen supplement has helped me feel more confident in my skin. Ive noticed a reduction in acne scars and an overall improvement in skin texture.

Nidhi Sharma
Firming effect noticed

I love how versatile this collagen supplement is. It supports not only my skin health but also my joint function and overall well-being.